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February 14, 2013 / Baca

La Marzocco USA Presents: “Pressure + Flow”


This month, our good friends at La Marzocco USA are hosting a four-city event series dubbed “Pressure + Flow”.  It’s free to the public, with events taking place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.  The San Francisco installment takes place this Saturday at the Guerrero Gallery.

The event is broken into two parts:

PRESSURE: A guided hands-on learning experience with the Strada EP. Hear about how the Strada EP came to be, what we’ve learned about brewing coffee using the Strada EP as a platform, then spend time with the machine.

FLOW: This session will give an overview of water science, the interaction of coffee and water, and leave participants with information on how to test their water and make informed water conditioning purchase decisions.

10-12pm // Pressure Session #1

2-4pm // Pressure Session #2 (same content as session #1)

4-5pm // Espresso Q&A with La Marzocco’s Scott Guglielmino and Verve’s Chris Baca

5-7pm // Flow Session

If you love espresso machines, coffee, and water you should swing by to play with all the toys and learn something to boot!

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