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February 2, 2012 / Verve


#1 / Origin Trips

Colby Barr (Green Buyer, Co-Owner) and Sean White (Head Roaster) are headed to El Salvador next week, immediately followed by an extended trip to Ethiopia and Kenya.  They’ll be meeting up with our producers and tasting hundreds of great coffees as they work to focus in on what lots we’ll be buying this year.   Stay tuned for trip reports and pictures right here on the blog in the coming weeks!

#2 / Free Cuppings at 41st

The cuppings at our 41st avenue cafe are hands-down the best way to stay on top of our rotating offering list.  Every Friday at noon, one of our super fun staff members leads the cupping.  It’s totally free, and allows for learning all about each coffee’s origin, while tasting the unique differences between each one.  No sign ups required, just stop in and join in the fun.

#3 / Bike Races

We just finished up sponsoring the Surf City Cyclocross Series.  It was a great time!  Sean rips on a bike, and always finishes up near the top in the elite classes.  Ryan and I decided to join him by racing with the beginners this past weekend.  Hopefully people don’t judge Verve by our Cyclocross finishes… big E for effort though, and we can’t wait until next year to give it another go.  Thanks to Surf City Cyclocross, and to everyone who came out and made the races so fun for us to be a part of. We’ll definitely be seeing you next year!

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