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December 31, 2011 / Colby Barr

VCR Year In Review.


2011 was a big year for us at VCR. We moved our roasting operations to a new, (much) larger facility that we completely revamped from a 100-year-old cannery building into a pretty sweet Headquarters. We built-out and opened 2 new retail stores – our kiosk at the Seabright Roastery and our “well-lit” Pacific Avenue store. We added some truly amazing people to our team and have even more en route (there will have been 4 babies born within 6 months!).  We also were able to offer healthcare to our staff and their families. We spent countless hours/days/months in professional development, training both our own staff and our wonderful partners in wholesale.

It has really been a great year for learning in so many ways, with the acceleration of our Origin Development program and even the obsessively curated library that fuels much of our knowledge base. We sourced and roasted some spectacular coffees and cupped thousands and thousands of samples from all reaches of the world. We have developed incredible relationships at farm-level and amongst our coffee colleagues as well. We paid more for coffee this year then we ever have and are proud to have done so.

All in all, it has been an incredibly successful and inspiring (if not perspiring) year, and we’d like to say “Thank You” to all of those people who help define us. From our farmers and millers, to our importers and exporters, our wholesale partners, our retail and online customers, our friends in the biz from the UK to Norway, Canada, Australia, all across the US, and everywhere in between, and of course our families – including the greatest staff in the game.  Thank you!

As far as 2012 goes… well, we’re looking to make it even better.  We have some great projects and products in the works and look forward to sharing them with you.

So, see you next year – er, uh, tomorrow.


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