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December 13, 2011 / Verve

Geishas Are Here

We are really excited to announce a very limited run on two of the most incredible coffees in the world. We are offering Finca Los Lajones Geisha and Panama Elida Estate Green Tip Geisha for one day only. You can pre-order online now. All Geisha orders will roast and ship on Monday, December 19th, just in time to age out for your holiday festivities.  These are half pound bags, and they will arrive in a custom tin specifically made for these 2 amazing coffees.  Happy Holidays!


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  1. Samson / Dec 21 2011 8:08 pm

    Come on now, guys…$130/lb for these Geishas? Really?
    I don’t think any coffee is worth that price, let alone the $20-$25/lb usual price for any “specialty” coffee.
    Thanks for the laugh and from keeping the little guy from being able to enjoy these coffees.
    Yuppie coffee snobs:1, “Average” coffee lover: 0

    • Verve / Dec 21 2011 9:13 pm

      Hey Samson – Sorry you aren’t excited about this. It’s not our intention to keep anyone out of being able to try these coffees. They really are some of the best and unique coffees in the world, and they are very expensive to produce and for us to buy green (our pricing is not at all arbitrary, and our margins are actually extremely thin on them). We decided to pay the price for it green in order to give access to those who really would want to try them, despite the high price tag (but we know not everyone will be interested — perhaps similar to how not everyone wants to buy a $65 bottle of wine vs. a $15 bottle). From the accessibility standpoint, we are offering a free cupping of both of these Geishas on this Friday at 12pm in our 41st ave cafe, because we want everyone to have an opportunity to taste these special coffees. If you live in town, we’d love to have you come try them.

    • Alex / Dec 22 2011 7:13 am

      It’s worth the price!
      You can not sell Gold for the price of Iron, can you?

  2. Alex / Dec 22 2011 7:10 am

    Situated up in the heaven–Graciano’s Los Lajones Geisha! I would love own one can🙂
    I can’t forget the incredibly mesmerizing flavor.
    Thanks for making our day!

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