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August 1, 2011 / Baca

Driving the Barista Train

For me, working in the training and education department is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.  Watching people grow in their skills and their enthusiasm for what they do is an incredible thing to witness. Lately we’ve been fortunate enough to have the problem of higher demand for training than one person can handle, so we’ve added a second person to our wholesale training team. From here on out, Stacey K. will be sharing wholesale training duties with me at Verve. If you don’t know Stacey yet, you will soon.  We’re pumped to have him in this position, and he’s already doing a great job. He’s not only really knowledgeable about coffee, but his enthusiasm is off the charts which makes him awesome for this kind of work. Holler at him if you see him in the streets and he’ll probably honk at you every time he sees you for the rest of your life cause it’s just like that. Be on the look out for the Verve training team in a hood near you, yadda?!


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