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June 24, 2011 / Baca

C.Y.P. Installment Four: Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever Dripper may not even be a pourover at all…It’s more of a full immersion brewer with an escape hatch at the bottom. The hatch stays closed until you plop this thing on the appropriately sized mug and the draw down commences. So is this a pourover? Well maybe not in the traditional sense. That being said the Clever tends to be classified as such and is sure to come into consideration when you’re pondering which pourover to purchase so lets take a look at this un-pourover.

-Easy to use. Since there’s a stopper at the bottom of the filter that won’t drain until you tell it to you can control brew time and extraction much more easily than you can with conventional pourovers. This makes it perfect for people who would rather spend their time drinking tasty coffee rather than learning finicky pourover techniques.
-Accepts several different filters. You could do a standard number four paper or you could up your bling status with the Swiss Gold cone. Sediment and clarity will depend on which filtration medium you decide to use so that one’s your call.
-Price. This thing is so cheap is basically free so you might as well own one.

-It’s plastic. Which isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself but the little feet have a nasty habit of breaking off if you’re not gentle.
-It’s fairly unattractive. It looks cheap because it is cheap. If you’re done with college and out of the dorm you probably want to store this one in the cupboard instead of on the counter to avoid downgrading your kitchens bling status.

Verdict: For someone interested in getting started with brewing their own consistently delicious coffee in a cost effective way without spending countless hours learning technique and doesn’t mind the plasticy aesthetic the Clever Dripper is a big win.

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  1. #1 / Jun 30 2011 3:01 am

    cons: paper taste…use a metal filter

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