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June 7, 2011 / Baca

C.Y.P. Installment Three: Hario V60

Up next in our pour over mash up is the ubiquitous V60. This thing and it’s styling have been kicking Clovers out of coffee bars everywhere for the past few years and has now been appointed king of the jungle by the 30 and under coffee professional crowd. Lets put these bad boys on the hot seat and see what makes em tick.

-So hot looking. Possibly the sexiest pour over available on the planet. About a thousand base colors available for your fresh new look; bright pink, lime green, etc… Pair one of these with a Hario Range server and it fits right in with your nice Ikea furnished Scandinavian inspired studio loft.
-Clean, clean, clean cup. If you’re into cup clarity paper filters are your friends. Zip zero on the sediment tip…check the pic below.

-Easy clean up. Throw the filter out and a quick rinse is all you need to be ready for cup number two.

-Paper filter. Paper tastes like…well paper. Although Hario filters seem to be a bit better than most in this regard you’ll definitely need plenty of rinsing and even then you still may be left with a bit of a papery finish in your cup.
-Waste. Perhaps you could construct a public art sculpture with all the used paper filters but if you’re not that motivated you’ll have to just toss that bad boy.

If you like a clean cup with a brewer that looks hot, offers easy clean up factor, and you don’t mind a little paper filter pre-rinsing the Hario V60 may be your new best friend.

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